Courgette and Lime

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Courgette cake is a slightly lighter version of carrot cake. Its still spiced and contains lots of chopped walnuts, it also has all the moistness from the grated courgettes, but it is much zestier and lighter cake than a carrot cake. The frosting is a lime cream cheese frosting, and this balanced with the sweet, spiced nutty moist sponge, just gives the most perfect spring summer alternative to that classic carrot cake.

Frosting: Lime cream cheese frosting

Sponge: A moist & nutty complex sponge, full of grated courgette, nutmeg & cinnamon and lime zest

Filling: Lemon curd


Two layer decoration: Naked sides, lime curd & lime cream cheese frosting in the centre, topped with cream cheese frosting & chopped walnuts & lime slices. This cake has naked sides.

Storage: Store in the fridge to preserve the cream cheese frosting.

How do I get it: All cakes are for collection from our Jericho store unless you contacty us to arrange otherwise. 

Eat by: This cake will be good for up to 7 x days if stored in the fridge.

How to serve: Never eat our cakes straight from the fridge, cake should always be eaten at room temp. So, take the cake out of the fridge at least 4 hours before serving.

Can I freeze this cake: YES! All our cakes freeze very well. The best way to freeze them if you are not going to be needing the whole cake anytime soon, is to slice it up, in easy to store & defrost portions. Simply wrap them in cling film, or cling film and a small piece of greaseproof. Label the outside of the cake with the date & the flavour of the cake, so you know exactly what it is when you defrost it. To defrost, simply take out of the freezer and leave at room temp for about 4hrs, undo the clingfilm so it is loose but not uncovered.

Allergens: Gluten (Wheat flour), Egg, Sulphites, Nuts, Milk

Collection of cake: All Cake collections will be from Midday on the day you have requested. If you need your cake in the morning on that day, you will need to select the day before, so the cake will be in store ready for you to collect. ALL CAKES WILL BE FOR COLLECTION FROM OUR JERICHO STORE UNLESS OTHERWISE ARRANGED. 

Delivery: We can deliver your cake Monday – Friday for a charge of £10 within Oxford. PLease contact us to discuss delivery options.